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Why would someone need a personal trainer, can’t they do it themselves?
The honest answer is if people are regularly using a gym and getting results then they do not need a personal trainer.  The reason I started Time2Train is because in reality people join a gym with every intention of reaching their goal but over time lose enthusiasm and become de-motivated.


If I can’t commit to regular gym use what difference would a personal trainer make?

The beauty of a personal trainer is in the use of the word “personal”.  It truly is geared towards your own individual needs so sessions are timetabled around your requirements.   Time2Train will spend time getting to know you and your strengths and weakness and provide on-going support when the going gets tough and temptation beckons.  The other difference a personal trainer makes is that they come to YOU so you can’t use the common excuse “I don’t have time”.

I live in a small flat, would I have space to be able to do a full workout?

People are always surprised at how little space is needed to achieve a total body workout.  I bring all my own equipment such as stability ball, bands, weights, boxing gloves, step etc and if the weather is good we can always train outside.

What happens if I have a bad day and feel like giving up?

Everybody has bad days! The main thing is to start afresh the next day and don’t beat yourself up over it.  During our initial consultation I will provide you with your unique training and support pack.  When you are having a bad day you can refer back to all your achievements and re-affirm in your own mind why you started your fitness programme.

I’m female and want to lose weight but I don’t want to build too much muscle bulk.

Don’t worry all my workouts are designed specifically for each client so we would work on toning your muscles rather than building bulk.

I work full time and have two small children, how can I possibly find time to get fit?

My job is to maximise the precious time that you can find to ensure that the exercise you do reaps the best rewards.  Small daily lifestyle changes can have a big impact over the course of a week.  I.e. take the kids & a frisbie to the park and make an effort to run around, you’ll be surprised how many calories you can burn.




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