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MBT Footwear - customer feedback

"MBT shoes are really everything they are made out to be"

MBT shoes are really everything they are made out to be. I purchased a pair the other day with much misgivings, as I never usually spend so much money on shoes and I am very sceptical about these sort of things with so much publicity. However, being a sufferer of heel pain and knee problems plus I have never stood up straight I was amazed at how comfortable they were. I traipsed round several National Trust Houses and did a lot of cliff walking in Cornwall. The shoes were fantastic. I felt like I was walking on air. I will certainly buy a pair of sandals for the summer. Jan

"If MBT ever needs a spokes person I'm your man."

I am a 350 pound, 55 year old man, that is on his feet for most of the day. I am a registered nurse and work in the operating room. I also, run my own catering business. I have had neck, shoulder, back. hip, knee, and foot pain for years. I was encouraged to try a pair of MBT shoes from my shoe sales professional. He told me to walk a short block from the store and back. WOW! All the pain in my shoulders went away. My neck was instantly better. It took only a day of ware to help my back. And now, after a week, my knees don't hurt at all. Thank you for the shoe. I was almost going to retire for good, because I could not continue to stand at the OR table, or do my catering without a day or two of harsh pain. Bruce Broughton

"They are what I would call the 'natural painkiller'

ive years ago I had a horse riding accident, which left me in pain 24 hours a day. Sometimes the pain was worse than others but it was always there - restricting, degrading and destroying my every day life and confidence. Then the MBT's found me... they are what I would call the "natural painkiller" .

This Footwear stopped me getting rid of Molly, my German Shepherd dog. Because my back was too sore to walk her and I couldn't hold her when she pulled on the leash. I was lead to believe that "nothing could be done" regarding the continuous pain and that was that... But that was WRONG!

When I first got my MBTs, after 2 minutes of wearing them, they put my back into spasms. I figured they were targeting the proper muscles, so through time, belief and practise I was able to wear them for long durations of time with no pain. I am now able to walk without pain and I have also regained my overall strength so that I can actually hold my dog when she pulls. She's happy, I'm happy and my friends are happy because I don't moan half as much! I am doing things that I couldn't do before and... I'm pain free! I'm not sure I understand in scientific terms what exactly MBTs are doing to the way I walk but I don't care about that - so long as I am free from pain!!

MBTs have given me HOPE. Hope that I don't have to suffer anymore, hope that I don't need medication to feel "normal" . Hope that I can live my life like a 25 year old should and hope that there's always a way no matter what! Thank you! C. Lynn Malin, Co. Donegal

"They are by far the best pair of shoes I have ever invested in"

The MBTs are truly amazing. They are by far the best pair of shoes I have ever invested in. I fracture the last vertebra (L-5) in my back in a vehicle accident over ten years ago. Since then I have been plagued with chronic lower back pain. I also work in a hospital and find myself some days standing in the operating room for 3-4 hours and other days attending to patients in a clinic.

I have been wearing the MBTs to work for about a month now and my back pain is gone. They are so wonderful I am ready to buy a pair of sandals and a second pair to run it.
It is money well spent. Thank You. Carol

"Thank you thank you thank you..."

I have a slipped disk which has stabalised but was still casuing Sciatic pain. I got the MBTs just to see if they would offer some relief and to my amazement they have. I am pain free for 3 months now. The pain went away within one day of weraing them. I now wear them practically every day and know that if I wear flat shoes that I am going to be uncomfortable. MBTs have given me a new lease of pain free life.
My back no longer hurts, knee pain is gone and tightness in my hamstrings is gone completely. As an added bonus my legs have toned up and all cellulite had disappeared. I couldn't recommend them highly enough. Regards,  Shakira Kelly


"wearing the MBTs was much kinder on my feet"
I would like to offer some feedback although I have only tried on the MBTs and haven't yet bought them.
I tried the MBTs on in a sports shop, and was surprised to feel a newly planted spring in my step as I paced the room, and walking came to me with much ease. The activity of walking itself became more enjoyable, and I felt my energy levels recharged. At 16 years old I have no injuries or pains, but was delighted to experience the sensation of what felt like walking on air. Having replaced the MBTs on the stand after my trying-on session, and leaving the shop, I immediately noticed how I could feel the hardness of the ground on the soles of my feet, something I hadn't noticed before. I therefore surmised that wearing the MBTs was much kinder on my feet, and I plan to buy some in the near future. Frances Carbines

"All of the aching, burning, spraining and straining has disappeared"
I am so grateful for the invention of MBTs! I'm only 50 years old, but for the past 3 years my foot pain continually increased, despite orthotics, massage, reflexology, accupuncture, exercises, etc. I thought I was going to have to get a scooter to get around, as I was becoming housebound. Two months ago I could only take tiny, slow steps, and only walk about 10 minutes at a time. After buying MBT sandals at Foot Solutions in Vancouver, BC - I experienced a miracle! Now I have absolutely normal feet! All of the aching, burning, spraining and straining has disappeared.
THANK YOU! Polly McLeod






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